Copper Bathtubs

Get a freestanding bathtub with a touch or old-world class!
Our copper soaking bathtubs are made from sturdy, hand-crafted copper which has been hammered into beautiful works of art.

You are sure to spend hours in your deep soaking tub relaxing the stress of your day completely away! These tubs are prefect for almost any home, but be sure that when you purchse one of these, it will become on of the main focul points of your house.

These tubs are easy to clean and are fully covered for year of use. We offer Free Shipping to all Southern Canadian Continental Provinces. This includes New Brunswick in the East to British Columbia in the West!

Copper Double Slipper 72 inch Slinger
$7, 420.00
$5, 180.00
Copper Double Ended Tub 72 inch Craftsman
$7, 499.00
$5, 134.00
Copper Double Slipper Tub 67 inch Blacksmith
$7, 899.00
$4, 789.00
Copper Double Slipper Tub 67 inch Miner
$7, 499.00
$4, 904.00
Copper Double Slipper Tub 67 inch Prospector
$8, 199.00
$5, 076.00
Copper Japanese Soaking Tub 45 inch Visionary
$11, 099.00
$6, 897.00
Copper Slipper Tub 67 inch Caballero
$7, 199.00
$4, 789.00